vrijdag 13 juli 2012

T1 Vision table.

A useful product from T1 Visions is the T1 Collaboration Table. It supports touch-screen interaction and can also handle up to four simultaneously connected laptops. The table system provides a media viewer that supports sharing of photos across screens, devices, and surfaces. It also contains a web browser, a presentation viewer, and a whiteboard that is compatible with video conferencing. The company provides customized applications for its clients. In the Charlotte area, some of the tables can be found in restaurants, such as the Mellow Mushroom, Cowfish, and Harpers. A few were recently installed in the Atkins library at UNC-Charlotte, to support group-work among students.

T1 Visions Gallery
T1 Visions: Soci
al Touchscreen Solutions
Interactive tabletops bring people together
Marty Minchin, Charlotte Observer, South Charlotte News, 2/20/12
Interactive Technology in the Carolinas: T-1 Visions Update

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