dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

They project more than 10 million pixels on a 61 x 19.8-m ice surface.

With the recent installation of Barco HDX-W14 large-venue projectors, the hockey rink surface in Montreal's Bell Centre can now enhance the Montreal Canadiens' home games by displaying full-motion video content.

Solotech, a Montreal-based audiovisual (AV) integrator, worked with Soundcraft Canada's SC Media Technologies, a Barco equipment distributor, to configure the system with 12 double-stacked high-definition (HD) projectors, each providing 14,000 lumens of visible light. Together, they project more than 10 million pixels onto the Habs' 61 x 19.8-m (200 x 65-ft) ice surface.

"The Bell Centre's projections are the sharpest, most colourful moving images ever seen on a giant sheet of ice," says François Ménard, president of Solotech. "The projectors create higher resolution with no motion blur, despite the ice's highly reflective surface. We've been trying to overcome this challenge for years!"

In addition to creating a video panorama across six edge-blended zones, the automated projectors track players as they enter the rink and combine graphic elements with dynamic lighting.

"The arena is becoming known as the de facto standard in projection on ice," says Jacques Aubé, vice-president (VP) and general manager (GM) of Evenko, which manages all Bell Centre events. "This kind of show is really the latest draw for the National Hockey League (NHL) crowd. Venue managers want to do it and audiences want to experience it."

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