maandag 24 september 2012

Carbon Nanotubes Used to Build TFT for Flexible Displays.

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Nanotechnology has become a base technology in the development of new types of flexible displays. Japanese researchers from School of Engineering, Nagoya University, and researchers of Bando Chemical Industries Ltd have build carbon nanotube (CNT)-based Thin-Film Transistors(TFT) for flexible displays with 112cm2/Vs carrier mobility. Printing in relief is due to technology called flexographic printing which uses a rubber plate or a flexible plate made of photo-curing resin. Using the property of photo-curing and the porous surface of the roll the researchers apply water-based ink to the plate. The precision is lower, but compared with screen printing and ink-jet printing this technology has a much higher precision. The advantages using CNT-TFT includes a high throughput, manufacturing process can be done under normal temperature and pressure, low cost and compatibility with roll-to-roll methods

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