donderdag 18 oktober 2012

A media wall navigated with 3D gestures,

LM3LABS delivered a gesture-based project to Societe Generale in France, relying on the 3DFeel technology. The objective defined by “Lab by Societe Generale”, the emerging technologies team within the French bank, was to allow the intuitive navigation into a collection of web sites, RSS streams, movies, pictures, TV and Radio streams, and presentations. LM3LABS designers split the navigation into 3 zones where the user can get specific contents: 1- A library for pictures, presentations and movies; 2- 2 widget spaces: a “Life” zone with widgets like weather forecasts, Twitter, YouTube and Radio and a “Bank” zone for financial news with financial news, stock quotation, business TV channels and web sites; 3- the internet space with Societe Generale main web sites and free navigation to other sites. A secret zone lets the client keeps financial presentations for specific audiences. Users navigate from zone to zone with natural gestures from afar the large projected wall. The project uses 3DFeel for tracking hands and interpreting gestures: switching from zone to zone, scrolling web sites, or multi-hand zooming.

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