vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Car Displays are Defining the Driving Experience.

Head Up Displays (HUD) have been added by some companies as a way to keep the driver’s concentration focused on the road rather than have him distracted from it. The attached picture shows the full color HUD used in the BMW 6 series. As can be seen, the amount of information is almost too much in some cases. However, the navigation part is certainly helping to be more focused on the road rather than on the center console, where the navigation system typically located. With the new GPS software it is only a question of time when we will see an augmented reality approach to the navigation functionality. Using real images of a complex intersection for example, may actually be very helpful to a driver unfamiliar with his surroundings. Nevertheless, displays are playing a larger and larger role in the car today then ever before, and I believe this trend will continue going forward. Combined with voice control, we may be adding not only more display real estate to a car, but make the car actually smarter and more user friendly in the process. more information here.

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