dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Future Robot reboots digital signage kiosks.

According to Korea IT Times, the FURO interactive robot can provide a variety of services "by reading users' intentions in different situations" by observing users' movement, face and voice, and then conveying the "matched dialogue, facial expression, movement and necessary information." The robots can move around freely on wheels hidden beneath their skirts, and they have anime-style faces on smaller screen "heads" that will show changing facial expressions in response to different stimuli, like smiling to new people or tearing up when someone walks away. The robots were shown at this year's CeBIT show in March, and Future Robot CEO Se-kyong Song told the Times that the show "was very exciting for us to show our technologies and also gain more innovative ideas from them. One buyer from Brazil who ordered over 100 FUROs came up with new business model – mobile (moving) advertisements. As FURO moves around in airports or exhibitions, they said, the back screens which are remotely operated can be utilized for advertisements while the front screen performs ordinary information services."

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