maandag 29 oktober 2012

the largest Autobahn digital signage network in Europe.

Scala announced the installation of more than 3,000 screens at the leading provider of restaurant, hotel, retail and fuel services on the German Autobahn, Tank & Rast. The installation was carried out by Scala partner ISS Intelligent Service Solutions GmbH. In order to cater for the changing needs of different customers, Tank & Rast recently decided to install more than 3,000 screens at several hundred of its rest stations. As a part of this modernization program, service areas have been remodeled and the range of services offered has been extended significantly. Scala Partner SEEN MEDIA now manages the network, consisting of 980 Scala Players. This digital communication solution empowers Tank & Rast to manage their communication and promotion strategy at their 300 restaurants Tank & Rast much more successful and effective. “The management team of Tank & Rast made a crucial decision by incorporating digital communication in their remodeling plan from the start,” states Helge Haarig, Sales Manager DACH at Scala. “The companies that worked together on this project are all specialists in their field, resulting in an optimal Scala powered digital communication network that creates extra sales and advertising revenue and therefore has a great return on investment. The Scala software enables the system operators to distribute, adjust and plan top quality messaging and imagery with the utmost flexibility, creating the perfect platform for Tank & Rast to reach their target audience.” A study of the Association for Consumer Research impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of the advertising messages on the screens of Tank & Rast as the customers were clearly inclined to purchase the displayed product vs. what they had in mind originally. This high association between ads and sales is exactly the desired outcome of marketing. Full case study klik

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