maandag 3 december 2012

Usage by device

Let’s start with some stats on mobile in Belgium (from a Google and InSites Consulting study). By the end of 2013 70% of Belgians will own a smart phone (now 47% – with Christmas and New Years day being huge catalysts in augmenting this number!). If asked where they use their mobile device (or smart phone) the most? The answer was…at home! 20% admitted they used their smart phone while shopping. Needless to say that if 1 out of 5 of your (70%) customers (by the end of 2013) uses his smart phone actively while shopping this creates huge opportunities and threats! In both the UK and US we already see “showrooming” as the challenge for brick and mortar stores. (Showrooming meaning that people go in stores with their smartphones to experience the product and then buying it online – even at eBay or other online retailers). For sure the mindset of people has changed (thanks to the Google and Apple Eco Systems that made this possible.) Just take a look around a see how people behave during a break or while watching TV….mobile is omnipresent all the time. Mobile is becoming our interface (thanks to augmented reality and semantic search your mobile device is becoming a powerful and helpful tool). It’s also interesting to see which device we use when. Next graph shows us that we wake up with our smart phone, use desktop (or laptop) during the day….but when we sit down and watch television we take our tablet out! Second screens come to live when we watch television…. For the moment we don’t live in an app-society….most mobile actions still use the mobile site instead of the app. (Probably because the app is to slow for the moment…and people are less patient – the younger your user is the less patient he/she will be!) Therefor it’s very important to build mobile proof sites, using responsive design! Again it’s not the platform that matters, it’s content, followed by design that matters. All your sites need to create the same seamless experience on every device and every screen! Size of the screen is no barrier for commerce! We’re in a totally digital world where everything can be connected with everything creating a mass amount of data…the big data as it’s been called. Jo Caudron, founder of Dear Media & Social Seeder, argued that big data most of the time don’t serve companies because of the simple fact that it’s just to big (every company is collecting them, but only few use them)….and companies are more interested in the 1-to-1 service it can offer with a customer, so he introduced “small data”. Data which help companies understand their customer to give them an ever better experience, service and value! TRUE! Let’s focus on what data can do for your customer instead of building data that nobody uses.

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