maandag 8 juli 2013

Holographic projection for Renato Russo tribute concert in Brazil.


The Renato Russo tribute is the first ‘live’ concert in Brazil to feature a 3D hologram at the new Mane Garrincha National Stadium – a venue also playing host to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and The Olympics in 2016.   The Stadium is the first live event in Brazil to feature a 3D hologram of one of its most popular musicians.

Thanks to the support of producer Giuliano Manfredini, son of Renato Russo, 50,000 fans were able to pay homage to his father who died in 1996.

Once the lights dimmed ‘Renato Russo’ appeared playing ‘Sera’ one of his most famous hits.     Other international artists included Boden, Zélia Duncan, Ivete Sangalo, Ellen Oléria and Hamilton de Holanda,

The Renato Russo hologram, created by Holition and V-Squared Labs involved research and the studying of footage to enable the holographic technologists to produce a large scale hologram.

To make the projected image as real as possible a method actor was filmed and then digitally augmented to recreate the illusion.

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