maandag 16 september 2013

Big changes for the display industry.

IDC just released a sales forecast for the Tablet, PC and Smartphone market  saying that the total market will grow this year to $ 622.4 billion, representing a 10.6% growth over last year.  This growth will slow down to 3.1% by 2017.
It also stated that by its numbers $423.1 billion will come from sub $350 Tablets and Smartphones. This means that there will be more units shipped for a declining average sales price.  The consequence will be more changes for the already beaten-down CE industry.  It also means many more smaller displays, a trend we have seen for quite some time now.  IDC shows more details in its chart below.

IDC connected-device-growth-chart

The trend is clear, Smartphones and Tablets will be ruling the computing landscape by 2017.  This is the first time a market research firm like IDC does not predict a rebound of the classic personal computer.  Its  forecast is very bullish on mobile computing devices, a trend I have been discussing for quite some time now.
It also means that the average display size per device is decreasing as more Smartphones and Tablets have smaller displays than the desktop and laptops they replace.  This is a trend that may not be very advantageous for the display industry as a whole.  As many manufacturers already use newer Fabs to produce mobile devices, the trend to higher resolution will push more manufacturers to do so.
Big changes are on the horizon for the display industry.
More tablets than personal computers (PCs) will be shipped in the last quarter of this year, according to forecasts from research firm IDC. By 2015, tablets will overtake full-year PCs shipments by a smidge, and by 2017, they will outsell their clunkier counterparts by five to four.

This was inevitable. Tablets already outsell laptops in the US and China; that is set to go global this year. Tablets also drive more web traffic than mobile phones, of which there are many, many more. The reason tablets are so popular is that they finally give consumers the choice of not owning a full-featured computer.

Worldwide marketshare of tablets compared to combined marketshare of desktops and laptops. Figures for 2013 to 2017 are forecasts.IDC

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