donderdag 12 september 2013

Interactive’s Social Health Suite.

We are very proud of the interactive walls, floors and displays we’ve developed for hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Recently, Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows team was so inspired by our work at Alex’s Place, a children’s oncology unit at the University of Miami, that they produced this heartwarming video about the clinic and the power of our Character Mirror powered by Kinect for Windows. Watch the video above and check out the Kinect for Windows blog to read more about it.

In the Studio, we often find ourselves talking about the transformative power of gesture and touch technology in our work and daily lives, which people are beginning to call Natural User Interface. In October, our very own Scott Snibbe was invited to speak on a panel at the Seattle Interactive Conference that addressed these same themes and asked the question: where is this technology going? There are some very interesting answers and the Kinect for Windows team writes up a great summary on their site. You can read more about the event here.

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