vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Projection Advertising Delivers Real-time 3-D Mapping for Music Video.

Projection Advertising, a U.K.-based projection specialist, employed real-time 3-D projection mapping technology for the new video for Dizzee Rascal’s latest single, Something Really Bad. The track features on the musician’s new Top 10 album, The Fifth.
3D projection mapping

The team at Projection Advertising used projection to create geometric shapes and impossible architecture in the style of Bauhaus and Escher to morph the static sets for the shoot, the company said. Projection Advertising choreographed the effects around the moves of Dizzee and his backing dancers using its proprietary MIMO Mapper software, which allows for pixel-perfect mapping in a matter of minutes, the company said. In addition, the projection stars musician Will.I.Am, who features on the track.

“I’ve no doubt that Something Really Bad will continue to climb the charts, and the whole team at Projection Advertising is immensely proud to have been invited to work on the video,” Tom Burch, managing director of Projection Advertising, said. “It was crucial that all of the projection mapping took place at the time of filming, rather in post-production, in order that the video could benefit from the energy that a ‘one-shot’ shoot generates. Dizzee was able to see and feel the mapping effects during the shoot — adding to the overall vibe of the video. The projection complements the music completely and all the feedback we’ve had indicates that Dizzee is delighted with the result.”


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