vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Sharp-unveils-interactive-chopping-board-prototype - chop-syc

Sharp has unveiled Chop-Syc, a prototype interactive chopping board that provides access to recipes, healthy eating advice and more.

Designed by the winner of Sharp’s paid Internship competition, Siobhan Andrews, the Chop-Syc is currently only a prototype but could come to market in the future.

The Chop-Syc is made from toughened, scratch-resistant glass that makes it possible for you to cut your various ingredients directly on the chopping board. There is also a 2mm ridge around the outside to prevent spillages and a tapered, slanted edge at the end for food transferral.

It connects to the Wi-Fi to offer instant access to recipes and information on healthy eating size portions tailored to the amount of people you are cooking for. You can input your own recipes using the Recipe Builder, which the Chop-Syc will then adjust according to your meal eaters, or you can use the in-built browser to discover new dishes.

The ingredients for any chosen recipe can be automatically added to an online shopping order from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or other supermarket directly from Chop-Syc too.

The Chop-Syc also has an in-built weighing scale for weighing any of the ingredients on the chopping board, which helps the healthy eating mentality of the device. 

The actual device can be placed on a rechargeable mat to charge, which means you don’t have any wires hanging around whilst you’re chopping away.

Beating more than 70 other entries to the #GetItDownOnPaper competition, Andrews’ Chop-Syc prototype was created in just six weeks. 

“It’s been a wonderful experience working alongside some of the greatest minds in product design and innovation,” said Andrews. “The team at Sharp Laboratories has provided amazing knowledge and guidance. I’m delighted to have developed a working prototype of Chop-Syc in my short time here.”

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