maandag 10 maart 2014

Living Ledscreens

Embraceled can turn a crowd into a LED screen as dynamic as they are. It assigns visitors pixels and remembers its location no matter how massive the crowd.

-  Led's connect Whenever similar interests are nearby, the Embraceled will light up in the corresponding colour. Simply hold the bracelets together and contact details are shared.
-  Led's inform Uncertainty about the program, the location of the upcoming activity or when it's time for lunch? Embraceled can spread a light and inform wearers about the next step to take at your event.
-  Led's vote With the push of the button, Embraceleds can be used as a voting system. By setting the
colour that corresponds with the chosen answer, everyone is able to submit their vote in a flash.
-  Led's play With simple interactive games, Embraceleds take part in the fun and push for social interaction.


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