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Video visuals accompanying rock band Arcade Fire.

A creative and spectacular scenery is what XL Video created for the staging of the tour being undertaken by the Canadian rock band Arcade Fire.

XL Video con Arcade Fire

XL Video has provided visual production for the tour Reflector you are making the Canadian rock group Arkade Fire. A tour that began last February in the U.S. and Latin America and has now reached Europe. For the month of August will cross the Atlantic. XL Video has been commissioned to provide the equipment necessary for the staging including projection systems, LED displays, media server control cameras and PPU.
The band is well known for his tendency for experimental and creative face different challenges. The designer Richard Stembridge has been commissioned to carry out the staging, as it did in 2011 with his new tour The Suburbs. "The show is a test of your imagination, vision, talent and ability to think differently," says Phil Mercer Project Manager.

XL Video con Arcade Fire

For this tour, Stembridge wanted a team of versatile all surfaces allow video views multipurpose lighting. This is why we started investigating how to place in the back of the stage, video screens that reflect light when they are not showing any content that come to life when the video is running. To achieve this effect has been used LED tiles Pixled F-11 with a material of polyethylene terephthalate (Mylar) for the mirror.
The Pixled F-11 is an LED video screen ultra light and semi-transparent suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Has a light output of 5,500 nit and is designed with a degree of protection IP65.
Thus, we used F-11 120 tiles to create two rectangular screens with 'fascia' mirrors that seem to fly into the roof thanks to Kinesys automation system

Regarding the projection system, have been used for this tour of nine teams HDF W26K Boat. Three are placed on a structure 18 meters wide and nine meters wide, located behind the screens of mirrors, and the other six are used to feed the IMAG screens, located on the sides of the stage.
These screens are the original IMAG structure that resembles a honeycomb. A composition that breaks with the traditional vertical installation consists of four individual mini displays interconnected hexagonal. An area that displays four different projections, one large area or many other combinations. That is why three Barco projectors for each of these compositions are needed IMAG.
The contents of the screens are supplied through four v4 Catalyst media servers that are activated from a Road Hog Full Boar console that is operated by Stembridge in the FOH.

XL Video con Arcade Fire

Some of the content on the screens are reproduccidos were carried live footage but are creations developed specifically for this show. Some of these videos are the work of Moment Factory.

This show also has five cameras Sony HXC-100 and two BRC H700 robotic cameras from the same manufacturer. The first are placed at FOH with two long lenses placed in the pit, and the rest in the ditch on pedestals and a rolling track and pneumatic platform that provides the dynamic range of movement to Stembridge.

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