dinsdag 24 juni 2014

A TV the size of an entire football goal has been launched by Titan, a specialist British screen manufacturer.

Bron; www.avinteractive.com

The television, the world’s first to retail at £1 million, has been launched in time for the FIFA World Cup.

Titan has named the limited range Zeus. As the biggest television ever created for domestic use each TV in the Zeus range is almost the size of an entire football goal, tank or a small London studio.

As well as being perfect for indoor use, Titan Screens are also engineered to work in any outdoor environment to deliver high picture quality in bright sunlight – something fans might appreciate in time for this summer’s FIFA World Cup.

At 8m x 5m – or 370 inches – it is more than four times the size of the largest existing television in the world.

Only four Zeus screens will be made with the first having already been pre-sold to a British media millionaire and the second to be built on top of a hotel on the seafront in Cannes.

With 65 billion colours and weighing almost a tonne, the television has been designed using technology developed in Britain. The TV has been engineered from scratch to create a life size visual experience for sports, games, movies and TV viewing so football fans can watch the upcoming World Cup with players at actual size at 4k – the equivalent of double high definition.

The cost, which excludes the cost of installation and delivery via a custom-built Hummer, makes it the most expensive television ever created.

Titan also creates bespoke screens aimed at the mid-range market, selling 1,000-inch TVs for £150,000.

Anthony Ganjou, ceo of Titan, said: “We have assembled the best screen technologists in the country to hand build a British-made screen which would not only be the biggest but the most extraordinary ever conceived. Following the interest in the launch range of our ultra high end 1000-inch domestic screens we decided to create something iconic and the team spent six months building the million pound screen.

“Having already pre-sold two of our £1m screens – one of which is likely to be installed at the bottom of a very large indoor swimming pool – we are open to serious enquiries in relation to the other two in the range.”

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