woensdag 2 juli 2014

Biggest Arch LED display in Europe.

2000sqm of LED display are now installed in the heart of Brussels, after years of work with our customer, a big blue chip company, to build a solution answering to his dreams based on a brand new product in Dynamic Lighting
Inytium and Arch won the biggest LED deal recently made in Belgium.
The processing of the Arch System has been the strength of Arch proposal. The installation contains 768 Powerstrips, each of them being composed of 12 LED Cree XML RGBWhite 4000ºK.
The fantastic simplicity of use and the easiest way to drive and change content on (video and architectural content) make it an incredible product for façades, architecture projects.... Imagine to try to get the same results with a completion using the 72 DMX Universe, with all the complexity around it to manage...

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