donderdag 28 augustus 2014

SF Public Utilities Commission.

When SFPUC remodeled their lobby, they saw an opportunity to create an educational art piece as outreach to the San Francisco community. Obscura’s technology and creative vision made the piece a successful installation.
The Digital Arts Panorama stands four feet tall and spans 58 feet. It features live data, graphic visualizations, an interactive platform, and ambient music. The installation turns the building’s lobby into a real-time dashboard with updates on the Commission’s activity and the performance of their LEED Platinum-certified headquarters. Gesture-controlled real-time news populates the screen as visitors interact with the dynamic, intelligent system.
Obscura’s motion-responsive visuals and sound effects for the installation include “Snowfall to Outfall”, “Media Stream”, “Dashboard”, and “Interactive Art Mode”. Each provides an educational, entertaining experience and offers glimpses into SFPUC’s future plans.

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