vrijdag 19 september 2014

Nashville bike-share kiosks 'performing better than expected'.

Bron; www.kioskmarketplace.com

Whenever Nashville is in the limelight, it's usually for music. Now the tourist destination known as "Music City" is being recognized for a different reason: its bike-sharing initiative. The recent success of the federal grant-funded program brought the city more attention, but little has been said about the role of kiosks in the bike-sharing trend. 
KioskMarketplace.com had a chat with Communications Director Andrea Champion of Nashville Downtown Partnership, which operates the stations, to get details on the kiosks and the community's response to the program.

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Most people just ask for more stations, but they're expensive to fund. It costs $40 to 50,000 for a station, so we have to have sponsors.But the program is performing better than expected. We had 48,000 checkouts in 2013, and so far in 2014 we're just 150 shy of 40,000, so we're definitely going to outpace number of checkouts from last year.

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