woensdag 24 september 2014


LIVEPOSTER™ and Tate Britain collaborated to create a campaign showcasing relevant artworks from the Tate Britain archive to promote the much awaited chronological rehang of its key artworks.
Tate Britain wanted to showcase the breadth of its offering and in particular its archive of 500 years of British art to an audience of overseas visitors to London and commuters. The Ocean Two Towers site on the A4 elevated section at Hammersmith, London was chosen as the site for Tate Britain with over 3,800,000 impacts per 2 weeks including the important Heathrow audience for overseas visitors.
The LIVEPOSTER™ concept was to create thousands of unique poster executions, matching artwork with automatically generated copy to produce posters that were relevant to the moment, welcoming overseas visitors and commuters to London in real time. The posters were automatically triggered, using the LIVEPOSTER™ “Relevance Engine” according to data sources such as time of day, traffic flow, weather, phase of the moon and flight time arrivals. LIVEPOSTER™ collaborated with Tate Britain to write over 400 copy lines to play alongside relevant artworks that were based on the various data sources.
The successful integration of multiple data sets into poster templates resulted in one of LIVEPOSTER™ most data rich campaigns yet. The campaign ran automatically producing approximately 14,400 executions, from a pool of 10 million possible unique combinations that could have been triggered over the 2 week live period.
The Tate Britain campaign was created in collaboration with Posterscope and Ocean Outdoor.

The video you can see here.

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