woensdag 18 februari 2015

Beam: The smart projector that fits in any light socket.

Meet Beam

Beam can turn any flat surface into a big screen. It is a powerful projector equipped with a smart computer, all inside a beautifully designed casing.

You can play games, watch movies or share content from your smartphone or tablet. Beam will assist you in your daily activities, like wake you up in the morning with the latest news and your agenda or show you your social updates when you come home.

Beam is easy to set up and control with the Apple or Android app. You can screw it into any light socket or use the included power cable to place it on any flat surface.

With Beam we created an easy to use internet of things device that can entertain and assist you throughout the day, perfectly integrated in your home. The technology inside Beam is so unique that we decided to patent it.
More information here on kickstarter

We created Beam to be as versatile as possible. Everybody will be able to use it how they want, in every room of their house. Beam has the following specifications:

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