maandag 23 februari 2015

New York Shoppers transfom in Disney Characters.

See what happens when Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Ana, Elsa, Olaf, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear and other Disney Characters magically surprise unsuspecting shoppers with their Disney Side.

Award winning creative agency Grand Visual recently worked with Disney, helping them to bring a little Disney Magic to a Mall in Long Island, which saw an ordinary shop front transform shoppers’ shadows into Disney Characters’ shadows as they passed by.

.. and it looks like the video of same has become a viral sensation, with over 50 million views across Disney’s Facebook pages in just three days!

In January 2015 Mickey Mouse and his pals visited Westfield Shopping Mall in Massapequa, New York to s​hare a little Disney magic with unsuspecting shoppers. Using a uniquely adapted storefront, and a touch of pixie dust, Disney Parks transformed shoppers’ shadows into Disney Characters’ shadows as they passed by.
These ‘shadows’ even interacted with shoppers who stopped to engage with them, leading up to a magical surprise.

Dan Dawson, Creative Technology Director at Grand Visual told us “This was a truly magical undertaking for Grand Visual, from concept to social film delivery. From the initial concept, sketches, content development to the creative technology, event and filmed and edited output from the event, this project is testament to the amazing team involved, and our mutual respect and love for all things magic and magical… something synonymous with the Disney Parks brand”.

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