maandag 9 maart 2015

The modified Tesla in 'Racing Extinction' that's worthy of James Bond.

If a certain famous spy ever requires a high-tech vehicle to help bring environmental villains to justice, something tells me the filmmakers for the new documentary "Racing Extinction" will get a call.
The new film from director Louie Psihoyos premieres this month at the Sundance Film Festival and offers an unprecedented look at endangered species “on the edge of life,” leveraging new technologies and gear to take us behind the scenes and into dangerous worlds. Such a thrilling approach to environmental activism is nothing new for Psihoyos and his team. Back in 2009, his film “The Cove” used innovative high-tech gadgets to covertly document the tragic slaughter of dolphins in Japan, eventually winning the Academy Award for Best Documentary.
In an interview last year, Psihoyos told me that "Racing Extinction" was the result of “watching too many Jacques Cousteau specials and James Bond movies,” adding that the “technology illuminates the message.” And as we’ve seen in the trailers, one of the big highlights of that high-tech message is a modified Tesla Model S. And oh, what an incredible car it is.
Designed and engineered by Obscura Digital, this "undercover mobile eco-projection vehicle" integrates cutting-edge software and hardware to both record and deliver content. Below are five of the high-tech features dreamed up and made real for "Racing Extinction". (MI6, 007 and even Q might want to take some notes.)

One of the most head-turning modifications to the “Racing Extinction” Tesla is its electroluminescent paint job. Called LumiLor, and developed by the villain-esque sounding Darkside Scientific, this innovative paint allows a driver to custom-animate the vehicle’s exterior. According to professional racer Leilani Munter, who drives the vehicle in the film, she can “turn the color on and off by turning the electric current on and off. When it's off, the car just looks like a normal car.”
For those inspired to give their own vehicle some dynamic camouflage, Munter reveals the entire application is not cheap. “I think it's around $40,000 per gallon for that paint,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “So you are looking at about a $400,000 paint job…”

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