woensdag 1 juli 2015

Virtual Reality featured in Mini's.

The advent of Google Glass and Apple Watch has shown that our technological companions are about to change. We will soon all be consulting our smart watches. The mobile phones will then increasingly stay in our pockets.

Concepts such as networking and connectivity play a crucial role in the new technologies. The new technical aids are our interface to the Web, to other devices and to our data. In the future the new devices will be keeping us informed, showing us the way and making sure that we don’t miss any appointments. The virtual and real worlds will increasingly be merging as a result.

At the Shanghai car show, the makers of the Mini recently presented their latest development – a pair of data glasses for drivers. Similar to the Google spectacles, the glasses connect the wearer to their environment. Yet besides providing directions, speed and traffic information, the glasses also offer insights of an unusual kind. At particular points the driver can look right through the car itself to check the height of the kerb or to look out for possible obstacles. It is all made possible by the use of the very latest camera technology. And a smartphone link ensures that the flow of data continues even when the driver has left the car.

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