vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Fivestone Studios is the winner of Planar’s Clear Concept Competition.

When we heard about the competition, we knew we had to participate. It involved conceptualizing an interactive design, and physical installation showcasing their Planar® LookThru™ Series, which are technologically progressive, transparent OLED touchscreens. It was so innovative and so cool, we felt like the product was created with Fivestone in mind. So we assembled a team across the U.S., from Atlanta, Nashville and Austin, to create something that would truly wow people.

The product allows consumers to see content on the display, and through it. This allows a gorgeous interactive design interface to be designed with physical products in the background. We told you this was envisioned for Fivestone. The technology allows a cutting edge immersive experience. Multiple elements such as elegant interior design, design and animation on screen, projection mapping, and powerful products can be synergized into one environment.

We felt that a great use of Planar’s brilliant technology would be in a car show room, because it would give the opportunity to leverage the full spectrum of opportunities described above. So, we came up with The Dragon Lair.

The Dragon Lair is inspired by a vision of elegant, clean technology. Utilizing a modern luxury car showroom, the environment features six Look Thru™ OLED panels, perfectly staged in front of a 2017 Dragon (fictional luxury vehicle), with gorgeous imagery illuminating behind it, creating the most technologically immersive experience a car enthusiast has ever imagined.

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