maandag 14 maart 2016

navigation on your windscreen.

Since they have been equipped with GPS, smartphones have also become the vogue in navigating. We always carry those handy all-rounders with us anyway, and there are a lot of free navigation programs – so a separate navigation device isn’t really necessary. Or is it?
One thing at any rate that navigating via your smartphone cannot give you is greater safety: Typing while driving is not really advisable, to put it mildly. That’s why a US start-up now launched Carloudy. It’s a flat device which is placed on the dashboard and transforms your windscreen into a display screen. The tool is operated via voice control, so your hands can stay on the wheel. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth from the smartphone to the Carloudy E-ink display. The device projects full navigation onto the windscreen, complete with speed limits, roadworks, petrol stations, etc. According to the manufacturer, the device also has no problems coping with changing light conditions, which is a point where many head-up displays fail – and all that without consuming a lot of power. A funding campaign on Kickstarter is still running, advance orders can already be placed.

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