dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Size does matter. !

Back in 2015 we were a part of something magical: The launch of the biggest EXHIBITION & EVENTS HALL in the middle east. This production required all of our might and magic as we revealed the much awaited hall to the public. utilizing a projection screen that hidden the main event where we created an opening item including the talented dancers interacting with the visuals on screen finally revealing the big hall which included more then 12 led screens, some as a dj stand, some as a massive cube facing all sides, and some strips hovering above the crowd. with a show by Balkan beat box and many more, it was a visual theme park and pure fun to play with. size does matter! but also beautiful visuals & perfect direction of this flawless event smile-emoticon We & the crowd of reporters which pretty much saw everything - were Proud & totally happy with the magical outcome.

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