zondag 15 mei 2016

Indoor Waterfall!! Salesforce Lobby, San Francisco

Fusion's vfx sup, Mark Stasiuk, viewing the 100+' cg waterfall we created for the Salesforce lobby in downtown San Francisco! Simm'd & rendered for creative studio, Obscura Digital, (masters of projection installations! www.obscuradigital.com ). Wowwww! Exciting to see it in full glory rather than on our computer screens! Simulation with Realflow, lighting with Maxwell. 1100 frames at 8x HD. Around 250 million polys per frame! #exciting Created as 4 overlapping panels of computer-generated waterfall simulation, using RealFlow's Hybrido. Each simulation panel had about 20 million particles when the waterfall is at full flow. The simulation time/frame is about 5 minutes. Water was run across a horizontal plane and over a vertical lip. Running along the edge of the lip was a series of tiny animated cubes to break up the water, giving it texture. All of the action happening out of view is actually what contributes to the look and behavior of the waterfall. Case study for all you fx geeks coming soon! LED screens by Sansi North America (SNA).

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