donderdag 22 september 2016

TORUK – The First Flight - Cirque du Soleil

TORUK – The First Flight premiered in December 2015 in Montreal, Canada, which then kicked off its North American tour. While the inhabitants of Pandora will be brought to life by skilled Cirque du Soleil performers, the show also features large-scale puppetry and lived-in puppets to bring the creatures of Pandora to life. But one of the magical tools that helped tie the whole look and atmosphere of the show together was BlackTrax technology.

BlackTrax is a realtime tracking system that uses beacons with stringers and LEDs that turn into tracking points, cameras and software that is used to track people and moving objects on stage in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. As the performer walks, leaps and runs across the stage, nearly invisible LEDs attached to his costume will transmit his movements to a camera and software. In turn, they direct the lights or creative visuals to essentially follow them around the stage.

The show is full of video illuminations that bring this creative world to life in front of the eyes of the audience, and although BlackTrax was initially just used to track 5 performers, over the weeks of rehearsals that number grew to 17 performers, 15 props and 2 ‘Home Trees.’ These are 80 feet wide by 40 feet high. The structure is equipped with wheels and stands on nine pivots and can be moved by hand.

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