dinsdag 22 augustus 2017

Monterey Bay Aquarium Entertains Pedestrians with Interactive Bus Shelter Screens

Located on historic Cannery Row in a former sardine cannery near Carmel and Pebble Beach, California, Monterey Bay Aquarium has been delighting families with marine-centric exhibits like Mission to the Deep and The Jellies Experience since 1984. And even if you haven’t made the trip in person, you’ve probably seen the aquarium dressed up as Sausalito’s Cetacean Institute in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home—yes, the one with the whales. Well, marine science and seemingly futuristic technology are colliding yet again around the Monterey Bay Aquarium as it promotes its “Share the Love” campaign with custom-built, state-of-the-art interactive bus shelters in two custom creative executions.

One of these deployments is called Silhouette Moments. Users are prompted to strike a pose, show their best dances moves or get in their favorite yoga position before the camera snaps them and superimposes their silhouette over an undulating school of fish.

The other execution is known as Colorful Conversations, and said conversation is actually with an animated cuttlefish via digital display text. Inspired by a previous art project, semi-local Creative Director and Advertising Architect Chris Szadkowski employed the cuttlefish for its real-life camouflage and color-shifting communication ability.  When pedestrians interact with the bus shelter screens, the cuttlefish mimics the color of the onlooker’s clothing before offering up a playful quip like “Who Wore it Better? Kidding (Not Kidding).”

On top of helping to promote Monterey Bay Aquarium’s self-guided tours through its 200+ award-winning aquatic exhibits and galleries, this interactive ad campaign is a great example of how to reduce perceived wait times at bus stops for all ages. Click on the video link below to see the “Share the Love” campaign’s interactive bus shelters at work.

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