maandag 16 oktober 2017

Social Wall

Do you want to display a Social Wall on a large LED screen for your event?

Big Screens On The Go are one of the largest rental and screen providers in the US and they recently used our Social Wall at a number of events they manage. As part of the complete package they are able to provide not only large LED screens but also content that is engaging and designed to drive engagement and sponsorship revenue. When dealing with multiple customers and displaying content that is relevant to their brand and business, Big Screens On The Go needed a solution that was flexible and scalable. More importantly, it needed to be a solution that can be easily managed for different events. This is where our Custom Branding Social Wall solved the problem. We built a custom dashboard by using our AdvertiseMe.TV solution and integrated it with Social Wall so that Big Screens On The Go could login and easily update the marketing content.

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