maandag 27 november 2017

Beta tests dual-screen POS station.

A POS system it's testing for NCR Corp. — the Silver Quantum POS.

Thanks to its ordering efficiency, the POS station — which features an integrated payment device with mobile wallet acceptance, customer display, loyalty scanner and a Samsung Galaxy table

How it works

The system has two touchscreens; one faces customers and allows them to review their orders after verbally giving them to employees, and the other is for staff. A 10.1-inch Android Samsung Galaxy tablet, pre-loaded with the NCR Silver Android point-of-sale app, serves as the employee interface. It includes inventory management, marketing support and sales reporting, Gould said. An embedded mobile card reader enables the Quantum to accept a variety of payment methods, including magstripe, EMV chip and NFC/contactless transactions such as Samsung Pay. After the customer uses their screen to check the order and authorize payment, the Quantum prints the order, and the attendant takes the order to the kitchen. Once a display screen is installed in the kitchen, however, the orders will automatically appear on that screen.

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