donderdag 21 december 2017

Lumens starts to produce 0.57" and 100" micro-LED displays

Lumens logo

According to LEDsInside, Korea-based LED developer Lumens has begun to produce small and large-area micro-LED display prototypes, and it plans to demonstrate these prototypes at CES 2018 (January 2018).

Lumens focuses on automotive HUD displays and digital signage. The small HUD display is a 0.57-inch VGA (640x480) display (either VGA or 720p, it's not clear) that uses 8 μm LED chips while the signage display is a 100" panel that uses LEDs which are 300x100 μm.

The first automotive display will be used in an aftermarket product, but the company hopes to integrate such displays in cars windshields within 2-3 years. Lumens is already in talks with automobile makers in Korea and elsewhere regarding the windshield embedded displays.

Lumens is also in talks with a "major manufacturer" to introduce the 100" digital signage display in 2018.

Source: LEDs Inside

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