zaterdag 7 juli 2012

3D Mapping Events for Audi.

Stampede Presentation Products of Amherst, N.Y., recently helped Lumina Motion create two spectacular 3D mapping events for the official launches of the Audi A6 and Audi Zentrum in Santiago, Chile.

Audi hired the audiovisual team at Lumina Motion to create show-stopping 3D mapping events for the two separate launches of the new A6 and Zentrum models. Both events required more than three weeks of development and design to create both the physical display surfaces and promotional videos to maximize the visual impact of the 3D mapping technology.

The A6 launch featured a real, full-sized Audi A6 car on a custom built ramp and backdrop, with the car completely enveloped in a flexible projection material. The entire setup was compact enough to travel to four different launch locations including shopping malls and restaurants. Lumina Motion utilized two Christie DHD800 projectors to display a dazzling video that covered every visible inch of the car and stage.

For the Zentrum launch, the company used an adhesive to apply a white vinyl material to cover the side of a building (54 meters wide by 9 meters tall). For this one-time presentation, they deployed eight Christie DHD800 projectors, in stacks of two, to cover the entire building fa├žade in striking high-definition video. The entire setup process, including detailed calibration and exact positioning of the projectors, required four nights of testing and resulted in a picture perfect execution, according to the company.

"3D mapping is becoming a popular way for brands to create jaw-dropping product launches that can be attended by thousands of people and attract a lot of media attention," said Lumina Motion president Gonzalo de la Barra. "In situations like this, every detail must be perfect, which is why selecting the right equipment is as important as having our trained professionals perform the calibration and equipment placement on site. Stampede always gives us good advice on the best equipment to use for each audiovisual presentation we do, and we look forward to a long and profitable relationship with them."

Lumina Motion is a development-oriented team that specializes in next generation audiovisuals and experiential marketing solutions, including Interactive, 3D mapping, beamvertising, 360-degree indoor projection and monumental projection solutions. Lumina Motion started operations in California in June 2012 to serve the U.S. market.

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