vrijdag 14 september 2012

Drive Productions 4D maps the Humboldt-Box in Berlin for Airbus project.

Creative production agency Drive has transformed Berlin landmark the Humboldt-Box into a vision of air travel in 2050 and beyond with the use of 4D projection mapping.
The show, which launches the Future by Airbus Smarter Skies campaign illustrates how smarter aircraft operations could cut travel times, reduce emissions and lead to fewer delays.

PR company Good Relations brought Drive in to bring the Smarter Skies campaign to life and demonstrate the benefits of smarter flight in the future.
Since its opening in 2011 the Humboldt Box has never been used for a projection. The entire fa├žade of the building was covered in a bespoke screen, which was tested in Drive’s d3 lab, enabling the entire project to be sequenced and visualised as if on location.

The screen was designed to optimise the projection while also allowing the content to interact with the highly distinctive architectural features.

Using 4D projection mapping technology the story begins with a single paper aeroplane launched from the balcony of the Humboldt-Box.
A maze of 3D blocks depicts the barriers and obstacles created by current national air space boundaries, before a map of the world scattered with pin points and bright pulsing lines of light highlight the world’s busiest routes.
The show then takes passengers forward in time to 2050 to demonstrate a world of flight where obstacles are removed, passenger travelling times are shortened, and where fuel use and emissions are reduced. The show closes with a fleet of Airbus concept planes flying in formation.

Accompanied by an exclusive soundtrack created for the projection, Drive Productions stacked pairs of Barco HD20 digital projectors, placed 60m from the face of the building to create a 30m x 30m projection.

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