woensdag 17 juli 2013

digital signage has arrived on the dance floor.

The atmosphere is good, the beats are pounding, and the partygoers are flooding the dance floor. Now hopefully the DJ won’t mess up… Netvico, one of the leading companies in digital information systems, has developed a new idea on how to keep the atmosphere electric. Using the touch screen of a wireless networked mobile pillar, the queens and kings of the night can now send their music requests to the DJ. The party organizers also of course have the possibility to show their website and Facebook page on the display screen and thereby stay in touch with the crowds and forge valuable social networking contacts. The system is controlled in the background by netvico’s »PlayEverywhere« software technology, which also provides photos and videos. The side panels of the slender pillar can be adapted to the look of the location. Earlier this year, netvico’s party accelerator had its premier in Freiburg – and was a roaring success.

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