woensdag 24 juli 2013

HoloStation, Lifelike Images in Small Spaces.

The Christie HoloStation, a fully self-contained, personal visualization system that provides ultra high performance 3D and high resolution display for an immersive experience in small spaces and for ‘on-the-go’.
steriograph“With its low maintenance and low cost of ownership, the HoloStation system is one of the most affordable immersive display solutions on the market,” says Larry Paul, senior director of Technology and Visualization Solutions, Christie. “Its portability and compact footprint contains all the components required to operate a personal immersive visual display for scientific research or oil and gas exploration, among many other applications.”

The Christie HoloStation comes complete with projection displays, screens, tracking and interactive technology and displays up to 16.8 Megapixels of data in a 3D stereoscopic and interactive, tracked environment. It provides the functionalities of a full-size Christie CAVE, but in a scaled down (85” x 108” x 101” footprint), completely self-contained personal immersive environment that fits into a standard office or cubicle.
The Christie HoloStation can be set up in almost any facility, and with its head-tracking sensors and interactive tools, it is ideal for applications including aircraft design development, architectural walk-throughs and product design reviews, maintenance and service training, medical training and as a 3D virtual trainer.
The HoloStation system showcased at SIGGRAPH 2013, July 23-25, in Anaheim, California, is powered by four Christie Mirage 3D projectors that deliver high resolution and rich pixel density, as well as continuous system calibration, in a small footprint unit capable of advanced 2D-3D visualizations. The compact, four-sided Christie HoloStation system allows visitors at the booth to become fully immersed and interact using the controls. The tracking system enables the 3D models to change their perspective at the slightest turn of the user’s body, making the virtual reality as close to real life as possible.
The workstation is affordable for companies whose daily tasks involve research, exploration and training, whether on the manufacturing floor or in a cubicle.

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