maandag 15 juli 2013

On the Autoroute du Soleil? Barco is watching you !


No busier times than the summer months for Autoroutes du Sud de la France (ASF). As a subsidiary of the larger VINCI Autoroutes, ASF manages the motorway network in the west and south of France – the biggest and busiest in the country. This summer, the ASF control center near Avignon is better equipped than ever: a brand-new 3 x 3 Barco OVL-715 LED wall helps the operators keep a close eye on the holiday traffic.

Outstanding technology

For over ten years, the ASF control center had been featuring an LCD Barco video wall. It did a great job, yet in 2012 ASF decided it was time for an upgrade. They retained the existing structure and integrated a new Barco LED-lit screen. “Our good past cooperation was a key argument for selecting Barco. Yet what really won us over was the outstanding technology, especially the wall’s controller and the functionality of the CMS software suite,” said Bruno Roux, project manager specializing in traffic management and technology.

Enhancing collaboration

The new OVL LED-lit video wall, including controller and software, went live within seven days, with minimal disruption to the operators. Operator Jérôme Reboul and his colleagues all agree the new wall helps them respond more effectively during incidents: “The LEDs ensure brilliant colors and high contrast, which helps us gain a clear overview of our road network. Besides, we can now switch between different sources with the click of a mouse, and display live feeds from TV or CCTV cameras or content from our workstations. All that fosters collaboration.”

So when travelling through France these weeks, you can rest assured: ASF is on the watch, to ensure absolute road safety.

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