vrijdag 12 juli 2013

"Optimeyes' Digital Signage Advertising.

European digital place-based media network Amscreen has announced the launch of its new platform, OptimEyes, which the company said "will further cement its position as the most accountable form of advertising in the digital screen media arena."

With the announcement of Amscreen's partnership with Paris-based Quividi earlier this year that enabled the digital network to offer face detection technology to advertisers, Amscreen has gone on to develop its new online campaign evaluation and optimization platform called OptimEyes. As well as incorporating real-time audience insight, it will combine Amscreen's existing campaign evaluation data to provide "the most in depth, transparent measurement platform in the digital out-of-home industry," according to the company.

The data the OptimEyes RTI (Real Time Insight) platform delivers includes live reach statistics broken down by gender, age, date, time and location. This means advertisers and agencies will be able to review their campaign performance throughout the display period and optimize this to guarantee maximum exposure to the relevant audience, the company said.

With a network of more than 6,000 digital screens and a weekly audience of more than 50 million, the launch of OptimEyes will see Amscreen further solidify its offering for brands with "the most insight-led advertising in the industry," the company said. It also represents another big step for the DOOH sector, aligning it more closely with the online advertising industry's real-time campaign optimization model.

"It is time for a step-change in advertising — brands deserve to know not just an estimation of how many eyeballs are viewing their adverts, but who they are too," said Simon Sugar, CEO of London-based Amscreen. "Through the creation of our new platform, OptimEyes, advertisers will have instant access to all of this information, meaning we can deliver the type of insight that only online has previously been able to achieve."

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