maandag 23 september 2013

Festival of Lights in Berlin.


Een soort Glow, zoals we kennen in Eindhoven, maar dan in de overtreffende trap. In oktober vindt in  ‘Festival of Lights’ 

In October, Berlin will become a sparkling stage for the 9th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS when we illuminate Berlin’s landmarks, buildings, streets and squares with fantastic light art.
We already can promise you many exciting news and highlights: for example, new program content such as “Festival of Lights for Kids” with thrilling projects for the youngest of our festival visitors. Further, a contest for junior designers – and for those who want to become one. Or how about “music @ festival of lights”? There is nothing more emotional as the symbiosis of light and music. Spectacular highlights for your eyes, ears and of course your HEART.
New international light artists will be on board as well as longterm friends, artists and creative teams of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.
As always, you can enjoy the festival with varied LightSeeing tours offered by our partners, who show you the highlights of the festival by bus, by boat, per Segway, on foot and in many other ways.
On 12 October, the OpenCity will take place again. We invite you together with our partners to guided tours where you can have a look behind the scenes at extraordinary times.
We will set an example again this year! Berlin’s “light towers” will shine and the city will become a fascinating stage!

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