zaterdag 21 september 2013

Award-Winning SeeFront 3D Hits the Casino Floors of Las Vegas.

3D Glasses-free Displays - Symbols from ancient Egypt jumping off the screen, a desert landscape stretching into infinity in glasses-free true 3D: Leading slot machine manufacturer GTECH chose SeeFront to supply the 3D display technology for their new True 3D™ product line. The first title of this line, Sphinx 3D™, will be launched at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas from September 24-26, 2013.

GTECH_Sphinx 3D

The Egypt-themed game utilizes the unique benefits of the patented glasses-free SeeFront 3D™ technology: The display shows pyramids, hieroglyphs and scarabs in bright, brilliant colors and with accurate 3D depth representation. The integrated eye-tracking allows players to change the viewing angle and look around virtual objects by moving their head.
“We are looking forward to seeing SeeFront’s 3D technology hit the casino floors of Las Vegas. A slot machine is one of the numerous applications where 3D glasses would not be acceptable. However, SeeFront 3D displays do not only enhance the entertainment experience but also bring a valuable benefit to professional fields like medical technology and engineering”, said SeeFront’s Founder & CEO Christoph Grossmann.
For SeeFront 2013 marks the strategic leap from a technology provider and licensor role to becoming a 3D display manufacturer. In May, German Innovation Award 2013 winner SeeFront showcased its first display hardware product, a 23’’ OEM 3D display, and the prototype of an upcoming 13.3’’ 3D monitor at SID Display Week in Vancouver.
Serial production of the custom-designed OEM 3D display for GTECH by an experienced assembler will commence in late 2013. In the near future SeeFront plans to expand its international business to new markets and to bring its own 3D monitor product to the market

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