donderdag 19 september 2013

Ultra-thin LED display with pixel fetching technology.

Here's one recent project for Japan from YAHAM with exciting features:
Background: the display will be used for an perfume store in Tokyo Japan. Pixel pitch 8mm outdoor SMD LED. Here's what makes it so unique:

1. Ultra-thin cabinet.
     Upon customer's request, the cabinet must be designed within 60mm depth, including LED modules. This is really high-demanding for an outdoor display concerning the protection level, as the usual depth is 170 mm. Even the normal indoor display cannot reach this level, with 95mm the thinnest. But engineers found a smart way, which is to use ultra-thin power supply and mount them on top and bottom of the cabinets, as shown below. The power supply is as thin as 36mm. And the mounting structure will maximally reduce the depth, so the final cabinet will be like this:

2. Pixel fetching technology. As you can see, the cabinet is designed with square sections, so there will be steel frames which take the position of actual pixels. This is also a design by customer's request. So what if the frames interrupt the image quality and distort the display content? This is also a major issue our R&D team concerns, so by optimizing the software, engineers successfully fetching out the pixels blocked by the steel frames, so the final image will be real and natural, and even add a fresh new effect compared with normal displays. Picture on the left is with pixel fetching technology, which looks natural. While the picture on right isn't. You can see the clear difference between the two.

3. Excellent Nichia SMD LED.
The LED being used is Nichia outdoor SMD LED NSSM032T. As strategic partner and the biggest purchaser of Nichia LED in China, YAHAM guarantees exceptional visual effect and solid reliability. That's the reason why LOUIS VUITTON, ARMANI and HSBC etc select YAHAM as their digital signage solution provider. Nichia, the premium LED brand from Japan, leads the LED technology around the globe and 5 years warranty from YAHAM will ease your mind about potential quality concerns. Just one job reference: the 16mm display for Holiday Plaza(Shenzhen) was installed in 2006, and still deliver excellent video ads and attract huge traffics every day.

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