zaterdag 28 september 2013

Yaham Rounds the Corners of LED Displays


Yaham Optoelectronics of Shenzhen City, China recently installed its second-generation seamless corner LED display at Tianjin YouYi Gallery, a shopping mall, in Tianjin. The display, which covers more than 400 square meters (4,305 square feet), gives a 3-D appearance because of the side panels, which are fixed at 135-degree angles. The company’s patented corner models allow the display to hide the seams.

LED corner display
LED corner display

In typical displays that must go around a corner, there is a gap between the two neighboring modules. Yaham’s technology eliminates this by adding lines of pixels to form angles of 90 to 180 degrees. In the Tianjin project, Yaham added two lines of pixels, giving the seamless appearance.
The transition modules are arc-shaped, making the connection smooth and diffusing reflection.
This project consists of Yaham’s P16 full-color LED display and Nichia’s 346 highlighting chip.
Yaham’s first generation no-frame display was installed in Beijing in July and featured a 90-degree angle. The 288.15-square-meter (3,101-square-foot) display, located in Chun-ping Square, has a 15mm seam.

LED corner display

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