donderdag 16 januari 2014



LaserX one of South Africa's laser production compagnies, paid tribute to the passing of Nelson Mandela, by choreographing a beautiful laser light show in the leader's honour.
In recognition of the recent passing of former President Nelson Mandela, LaserX (for their client The Western Cape Government), paid tribute to the great man by choreographing a laser light show to display Nelson Mandela’s face, name, and messages onto the side of beautiful Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

The images displayed on the mountain were projected from approximately 1KM away, with the image size being around 300m x 200m. The images used depicted Mr Mandela in the various stages of his life, and were visible every evening until midnight from the December 8th through to the 16th.
Some of the messages displayed included famous quotes from Nelson Mandela, and calls for his charity 46664. To perform such a stunning laser display, the team at LaserX used Pangolin’s new BEYOND laser control software and FB3QS hardware, alongside 2 x 36W RTI Nano laser projectors. The new features inside of Pangolin’s BEYOND software (including the advanced drawing program and geometric correction features), allowed for LaserX to create these custom animations, and display them onto the side of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

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