donderdag 15 mei 2014

Coca-Cola support fairplay an shares happiness.

Coca-Cola once again successfully used digital signage in their machines of coolant: an action in Italy joined the football rivalry with the message of company to share happiness. The campaign, created by McCann Milan, occurred during a football classic Italian between Milan and Inter in the San Siro Stadium. Soda machine was placed on each side of the stadium, being a at the entrance of the Inter fans and another near the entrance wherever they went the Milan fans. The vending machine has a screen that was broadcasting what was going on the other side and a button "share" (share). To activate this button the fan freed a coke in another machine, i.e. for the fan, thus uniting opponent twisted and promoting fair play. The action It worked: in less than an hour, all soft drinks, the two machines were released, in an atmosphere of friendship between the rivals – in football.

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