woensdag 14 mei 2014

DIAGONALES – Mclaren Mur à Mur.

Presented from April 11th to June 1st 2014 on front of the BanQ (Montréal - Canada), all day and night. –

DIAGONALES is an interactive installation inspired by an experimental technique used by Norman McLaren to create sound on film. The famous film animator scratched directly on the surface of the magnetic tape to synchronize images and sound. This piece creates a new film by mixing 3 of McLaren’s films: Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines and Synchromy. For the latter one we selected 256 frames and used them to create a visual system that visualizes the scratching and sounds produced by the audience. The beeps produced by the scratching are a digital representation of Syncromy's sounds, processed in a different ways per sections and colors change.

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