zondag 17 augustus 2014

Super-Amoled Delivers More Accurate Color ?

The Galaxy TAb S series from Samsung Display use the best OLED Display on the market.
The two models of the Tablet Pc series offer a Quad HD 2560×1600 pixel Super AMoled. This ist currently the hightest resolution for Tablet pcs, the 10.5 inch model has RGB Stripe Pixels 287 ppi, the 8.4 inch has Diamond Pixel and Sub Pixel Rendering with 361 ppi. The Galaxy Tab S series has also a improved Brightness like the S5.
The Tab S has 546 nits and 415 nits under manual Brightness. Best Viewing Angle Performance with a LCD you lost 55 percent or greater brightness at a 30 degree Viewing Angle, not with the SUper-Amoled in the Tab-S Here the lab says it is much smaller than 21 percent decrease in Brightness at 30 degrees.

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