dinsdag 18 november 2014

Whole Foods testing new interactive tech in Georgia store.

Bron; www.digitalsignagetoday.com

Second Story, a division of SapientNitro, has announced the launch of four interactive experiences it created for Whole Foods Market’s new Alpharetta, Georgia, store.

Located across the store’s café, produce, Whole Body and specialty wine and cheese departments, the installations create a more informative, entertaining and streamlined shopping experience, according to the companies, including connecting shoppers more closely to the farmers who provide the food they eat, and educating them on the sustainable growing practices that Whole Foods Market uses to rate farms in its new Responsibly Grown produce ratings program.

“Every Whole Foods Market is filled with these amazing stories about the foods we eat and the local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who provide them,” said Joel Krieger, the Second Story creative director who led the program. “We designed the installations to connect shoppers to these stories in a new and meaningful way.”

Second Story created the following four interactive experiences:


To help Whole Foods Market connect its customers more closely to the real people that provide the food they eat, Second Story created this installation in the store’s café. An interactive wall of window panes offers shoppers a glimpse into the lives of the local suppliers.

Each window is dedicated to a different local supplier, displaying real-time images from their Instagram feed, allowing customers a peek into authentic moments — such as hands patting down freshly planted herbs or shots of the farmer's daughter blowing out candles at her birthday party. Additional curated content such as Q and A, maps, and video profiles are displayed for each supplier.

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