vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

1,000 digital signage screens headed for London streets

Source; www.digitalsignagetoday.com

Global outdoor advertising company JCDecaux SA today announced its vision for the outdoor landscape in London — what it's calling "the London Digital Network," or LDN.

At a recent industry event in London, JCDecaux revealed the next stage of its digital outdoor strategy: It will take over what it's calling "the world's largest bus shelter advertising concession" on Jan. 1 of next year and will start to build out a network of 1,000 digital signage screens.

The digital bus shelters will comprise 84-inch screens, which the company said will be the biggest of its kind ever deployed at scale and is nearly 40 percent larger than the existing screens. The screens will be deployed in the city's major retail zones where £1 in every £5 of the U.K.'s retail spend takes place, the company said.

As part of the LDN roll out, JCDecaux will look to completely digitize Oxford Street, installing double-sided digital bus shelters along the important shopping street in the heart of London.

In order to deliver optimized LDN campaigns, the channel will be supported through big data and a new supply-side platform called SmartBRICS, the company announced. Retail spend data, as well as social media feeds and frame-by-frame audience metrics can be used to target campaigns to optimize audience delivery, enabling campaigns to serve the right copy to the right screen in the right location at the right time, JCDecaux said.

Additionally JCDecaux will launch Connected London, a panel of 5,000 Londoners who will provide daily data on mindset, attitudes, brand preferences and lifestyle. This new community is aimed at providing essential insight into what makes Londoners tick and how they can be targeted via the LDN, the company said.

Jean-Fran├žois Decaux, chairman of the executive board and co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: "JCDecaux plans to make London the global showcase for digital out-of-home with more than 50 percent of its U.K. advertising revenues forecast to be coming from digital by 2017. The new 84-inch screen is a step change in display quality, and the scale of our build-out will provide a new communication channel for London, backed by big data that will transform what is possible in out-of-home."

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