vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Canadian indoor advertiser adding 4,000 digital signage boards by 2016.

Source; www.digitalsignagetoday.com

Canadian indoor advertiser Newad recently announced its intention to speed up its technological investments to activate a total of 4,000 digital advertising boards by the end of 2016. The announcement came several weeks after Newad acquired the majority of Zoom Media's major networks in Canada. With this new objective in mind, Newad said it expects to strengthen its position as a leading alternative for brands and advertising agencies. "The traditional 30-second TV spot is over," Newad President and CEO Michael Reha said in the announcment.

Talking about digital advertising and the decline of TV advertising in Canada, Reha said, "The advertising industry is seeing a general lack of interest for traditional television, particularly among young adults … The Web remains relevant, but more and more people are using AdBlock to avoid ads. Indoor digital advertising is superior because ads appear in a captive environment — consumers can't change the channel, ad block it or avoid it. That's why digital solutions work, and it's why advertisers benefit from using them to attract the attention of their consumers, who are becoming increasingly difficult to reach."

Newad said it plans on concentrating its resources on improving the advertising experience. "We don't sell digital gadgets. Our goal, first and foremost, is to add value to brands and promote them. Our digital boards are not only cutting edge, but they're also tools, springboards to stimulate the creativity of advertisers. We won't activate devices or other peripherals that serve only to distract consumers from the real message," said Brian Wyatt, executive vice president, client relations and business development, at Newad. "With the integration of beacons and augmented reality applications such as Blippar, our digital solutions already enable us to create interactive experiences between smartphones and digital boards. Over the next few years, digital boards will be able to generate personalized ads using individual consumer's profiles."

The company also said it is planning the addition of 1,500 boards over the next 18 months, representing a total investment of $3.5 million, the announcement said.

"Several indicators show that the lack of interest for traditional television among influential adults will continue, namely in preference for the Web and platforms such as Netflix and PVR systems," Reha said. "The perceived reality today is that television ads are an opportunity for viewers to divert their attention towards their tablets or phones. What Newad offers advertisers is a concentration of millions of consumers who are truly attentive to the advertising content."

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